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Who We Are

Our Vision

To become the world’s premier company for creative solutions using smart coatings and functional materials.

Mission Statement

Advanced Polymerics, Inc. exists for the purpose of creating wealth and security for its employees, investors and partners. We seek to accomplish our purpose by achieving excellence in the manufacturing, distribution and application of state-of-the-art products and methodologies. We shall satisfy the needs of our customers by exceeding their expectations for safety, quality, service, delivery and value. We at Advanced Polymerics shall always interact honestly and with great integrity to our customers, suppliers, vendors and each other.


Advanced Polymerics, Inc. shall always exemplify and actively demonstrate the highest standards in worker safety, customer satisfaction, quality management and environmental stewardship.


Advanced Polymerics Inc. sales staff are experienced and knowledgeable holding problem solving in the highest regard. Supporting the products success throughout the customer’s projects is paramount.

At our shop facility in Salem New Hampshire we not only test and prove our products, we also provide education and hands on training to insure our customer’s thorough understanding of the best practices and uses providing a portal to problem solving.

The shop is an application facility that will expertly apply smart coatings to our customer’s exacting specifications on their latest projects providing a high tech lasting solution to be proud of.

Advanced Polymerics Inc. explores cutting edge technology that can solve real world problems. As an industry thought leader closely connected to experienced professionals, we are the perfect platform to bring products from the test tube to application. With API’s technical expertise and rigorous testing coupled with precise target marketing, products are zeroed in on where they make a difference and potentially change the world we live in.