Temasilox is a two-component, high-solids (89%) polysiloxane topcoat. Isocyanate-free, it is an ultra high-performance topcoat with excellent UV resistance, abrasion and corrosion resistance. It is certified/approved to be used as a topcoat in pre-qualified systems according to NORSOK M-501, System 1, Rev.6. Can be used as a single coat system direct-to-metal. Corrosivity class C5 can be achieved as a 2 coat system over zinc rich primer. Low VOC of 140g/l.

Recommended Uses:

As a finish coat in severely corrosive conditions such as offshore, chemical facilities, refineries, power plants, bridges and coastal steel installations. As an OEM finish, it can be used directly on phosphate steel and needs no flash-off prior to force-dry up to Ca. 200ºF/95ºC.


DoxyKlorTM is a cutting-edge, hospital grade sanitizer/disinfectant that delivers the power of active chlorine dioxide gas (Cl02) in a ready-to-use liquid form. Chlorine dioxide is an antimicrobial that destroys proteins in viruses, bacteria, fungi spores and more.

DoxyKlor DK5G can be used against Coronavirus (COVID-19) when used in accordance with the directions for use against Adenovirus [Adenovirus 5] [Adenoid 75 strain]  on hard, non-porous surfaces.

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