Permacorr Thermal


Permacorr Thermal Ceramic Insulation Coating blocks infrared-based radiant heat transfer with high density layers of hollow ceramic particles and very thin air boundary layers instead of relying on low density mass to reduce the speed of heat transfer. Provide thermal insulation at low thicknesses (1-3mm). Greatly reduces condensation. Allows visual inspection of coated surfaces. It is fast cure and recoat time. Easy to apply on irregular surfaces. Also, easy to repair by brush or small sprayer. Extremely lightweight, Class A Fire Rating, environmentally friendly.

Recommended Uses:

Permacorr Thermal can be applied on tanks, HVAC, boilers, cookers, pressure valves, piping, heat exchangers, steam lines, processors, vats, heater, building envelope, cold wall, etc.

Permacorr Thermal insulating coating has proven performance for marine, industrial and commercial customers.