Fontefire WF Clear

Fontefire WF Clear


Fontefire WF Clear is a one-component water-borne intumescent clear coating for wood.

This is a true intumescent coating, which keeps exposed wood cool and therefore hinders the progression of fire. It can prevent CLT structures, or feature wood-paneling, from charring and acting as fuel for the fire.

Validated with ISO, European fire tests and ASTM testing

ASTM E84 (Class A)

ASTM E2768-11 (2018) (30 minutes)

Calorimeter test – ISO 5660-1 (on 14mm spruce boards)

EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009 – B-S1,d0 (Highest possible rating)


It has a very low level of organic emissions (VOC value 13g/liter).

Recommended Uses:

Fontefire WF Clear is ideal for use in CLT buildings and modular structures, where the design is intended to show the wood grain as an architectural feature. Wooden paneling or feature staircases can also benefit from Fontefire WF Clear protection. Fonefire WF Clear can also be used as additional protection on historic building structures. Fontefire WF Clear is translucent rather than crystal-clear. It does have a pleasing transparent white tonal shade that highlights the grain of the wood. In areas of high “Foot traffic” Fontefire WF Clear can be overcoated with a protective varnish, without affecting its intumescent properties (Akvilac WF 10 is recommended, ask for details).


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