DoxyKlor (5 Gallon Container)

  • Cost$200
  • Unit / Packaging5 Gallon
  • SKU#DK5G-500
  • Sizes Available5, Gallon

DoxyKlorTM is a cutting-edge, hospital grade sanitizer/disinfectant that delivers the power of active chlorine dioxide gas (Cl02) in a ready-to-use liquid form. Chlorine dioxide is an antimicrobial that destroys proteins in viruses, bacteria, fungi spores and more. First approved by the EPA in 1967, chlorine dioxide is trusted by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the “safest disinfectant”.

Unique Delivery System

Using a major technological breakthrough, a process was developed to consistently and reliably capture and hold active chlorine dioxide gas in a non-reactive and non-flammable colloidal suspension. This patented process delivers chlorine dioxide gas to hard surfaces which quickly destroys pathogens and then harmlessly evaporates after a few minutes, leaving no toxic residue.


Superior Chemistry

DoxyKlor chemistry begins with control. Only true, reagent grade components are accepted. Our focus on quality and safety results in the purest and most effective chlorine dioxide product available.


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Recommended Uses:

DoxyKlorTM is extremely versatile. It can be used at full concentration or diluted. Applied by spraying, mopping, wiping, fogging or submersion to sterilize, remove biofilm and eliminate odor.

Chemical Processing
Food & Beverage Processing
Commercial Facilities
Nutraceutical & Naturopathic

General Use Hard surfaces
RO Systems
Clean in Place (CIP)
Water Storage

Fitness & Wellness
Public Transportation

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