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Acoustics is a one-component water-borne noise-damping coating.

The noise damping mechanism utilizes the same physical properties as other products in the Drytech family by creating a large film surface area that greatly reduces the level of sound reflections by absorbing sound waves and distributing them among the micro-porous matrix. Certified to ASTM E90-09 (2016) / ASTM E413-16 / ASTM E1332-16 /  Noise damping level – Tan Delta (combined) 0.116 VTTCR-00259-15.  (test reports available on request)

Recommended Uses:

Standard Gypsum Board:
Improves sound deadening effect
Can be applied to curved or irregular boards

Works on primed steel for marine compartments, wheelhouses or engine room
Industrial equipment, pumps, motor housings, gear housings, mixers

Transport equipment, agricultural buildings
Residential Buildings:
Apartments, condos, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, college dorms etc.