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Smart Coatings

“Smart Coatings” is not just a generic term.  A smart coating is a unique material that exhibits an ability to perform a predictable and repeatable performance function throughout the entire lifespan of that material.  There are many different and innovative smart coating technologies now being used by nearly every industry segment.  In our battle against corrosion, Advanced Polymerics, Inc. is pleased to introduce state-of-the-art industrial protective coatings that utilize ceramic passivation, self-healing and inorganic hydrophobic smart coating technologies to continuously stop rust from forming.


Tomorrow’s technology, today.

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Functional Materials

As with smart coatings that utilize various continuously active technologies, Functional materials go beyond the limitations of a coating and can be any type material that solves problems by actively performing a unique function and by adapting itself to its surrounding environment.  Functional materials are state-of-the-art, high performance products that exhibit an innovative ability to actively perform under severe or changing conditions.  Functional materials are a wide variety of specialty cements, polymers, composites, ceramics, protective linings or even nano-sized materials that continuously perform throughout its lifespan.

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Extending lifecycle performance and lowering lifecycle maintenance costs are key attributes of functional materials.  Advanced Polymerics, Inc. can help assess your needs in choosing and working with smart coatings and functional materials.