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Surface Treatment Corrosion Protection System

Advanced Polymerics, Inc’s. all-new corrosion protection system utilizes two innovative and symbiotic advanced coating technologies to prevent corrosion on carbon steel substrates.  First, a ceramic alloy chemically bonds with the steel substrate to passivate the iron’s ability to form rust; then a chemical and corrosion resistant inorganic hydrophobic coating is applied that uniquely repels water and provides an architecturally pleasing finish.  The Permacorr™ system represents the innovative combination of Allocorr™ and Siloxacorr™ coating technologies.  MORE


Hydrophobic Siloxane

An advanced protective coating technology from Advanced Polymerics, Inc. that combines an inorganic siloxane material with an inorganic hydrophobic component that repels water and elevates corrosion resistance to an all new level of performance.

Siloxacorr™ coatings provide long lasting color and gloss retention with outstanding resistance to severe service environments.  MORE


Protective Ceramic Alloy

Is a chemically bonded phosphate ceramic material available only from Advanced Polymerics, Inc. that chemically bonds to any carbon steel surface and forms a corrosion resistant barrier.  The ceramic alloy prevents rust by passivating the steel surface by creating a unique surface matrix of iron oxyhydroxide and iron phosphate which subsequently does not rust.  An entirely new approach to stopping rust.